We spoke to architect Gerardo Van Waalwijk at his home in Sitges, where he also has his office, Rardo Architects. A place full of works of art, where Bandalux blinds play with light to create different ambiences in the same room. Bandalux's solar control systems promote this versatility of spaces, allowing rooms to serve a dual function that is so necessary today: a home and workspace in the same location.

"Controlling light is one of the major challenges of architecture in order to create more comfortable, healthier and cooler spaces."

Z-Box offers maximum privacy and concealment when combined with a blackout fabric. Capable of totally blocking UV rays, it can reduce energy consumption due to air conditioning by up to 55%.

It ensures maximum fabric firmness outside and guarantees resistance to adverse weather conditions; it can withstand wind gusts of up to 90km/h.

“Light is one of the most precious resources because it gives us proof of the passing of the hours. Thus, we need to be able to control, diffuse and filter it to adapt it to the needs of each moment."

Clean lines and a wide choice of colors and finishes make up the Bandalux aluminum venetian blind range, with a modern, functional esthetic.

This system fits in perfectly with any decorative style. Ideal for bathrooms and high-moisture environments due to its antioxidant properties.

“For the architect it’s essential to find systems that optimize light to achieve the energy efficiency and sustainability of the spaces".

Practicality, efficiency and simplicity define the Fit-Box system. Very easy to install, this solar control system is integrated into window and door frames to go unnoticed.

Ideal for indoor environments where an optimal degree of visibility while maintaining privacy is required, without affecting the use of doors and windows. It has a battery-operated motor.

Its double function also allows total concealment thanks to the range of blackout fabrics and the system of side guides that block the light.

“To control light you can also work with blind materials, with their different degrees of transparency or opacity, and achieve the blind’s double function: framing a view and/or closing off a space."

Many natural shades of light flow through the slats of the vertical blinds, creating a warm and welcoming visual effect in any type of space. Thanks to its slat rotation of up to 180 degrees, the vertical blind offers total light control. Furthermore, the opening of the slats can be adjusted using the control dial.

Elegance and functionality are combined in a solar protection system capable of covering high ceilings and irregular surfaces. It can also be used as a full-concealment room divider thanks to the opaque fabric slats.

"Blinds and solar control systems help us to create different light qualities and different types of spaces."