character and style
The new logo has been custom-
designed, letter by letter. The
upper case conveys stability,
reliability, character and style.
The idea of turning something intangible
into tangible, transforming light and creating
spaces to guarantee wellbeing and quality of
life, is all summed up in the slogan:
Light. Shades. Atmospheres.
The new brand goes beyond just a logo and incorporates an exclusive font created for Bandalux.

Details such as the triangular serifs along with the cuts in some of the letters accentuate the diagonal structures and express the relationship between light and shade, embodying the idea of natural light access and the solutions that the company offers to create environments with its solar protection systems.

A contemporary, solid and timeless brand identity
The Bandalux logo is the result of a search for balance between the company's three key elements: superior products, the use of sustainable materials and energy management.
Innovation. Sustainability. Energy Efficiency.
Creating an environment: the desired space that arouses emotions and generates well-being by combining light with Bandalux blind and shade systems.