Hotel VP Plaza
España Design


The VP Plaza España Design hotel is raised in the city center of Madrid in a spot where art, luxury and comfort meet.

The interior design developed by Cuarto Interior and its creative director, Germán Álvarez, consisted in finding an own language for the hotel firm based in a personalized experience for the customers and an innovative environmentally sustainable tourism.

All the different spaces have automation solutions that ensure a Premium stay for the hosts.

Cuarto Interior chose Bandalux to create different atmospheres for the rooms.

The Z-Box system with blackout fabric provides total darkness. It is combined with the Premium Plus system with translucent fabric that helps filtering the light.

Also, Arion systems were installed in the common areas to fit large windows.

“A day has different stages and the space will keep on adapting to each one of them”

The VP Plaza España Design hotel serves as an art exhibitor in which the interior design has been upgrated to this category.

The Bandalux systems refined and minimal finishings get perfectly integrated to the rest of the design elements in the rooms to make it easier to administer and improve the visitor's experience.

“We wanted to develop an own personal language for the hotel firm, for it to be international as well as serving as an art exhibitor.”