Back home.
Back to the textures and familiarity that feels unique.

Bandalux motorized system brings traditional draperies to a new level of elegance and functionality either with a technical or decorative fabric.

Rediscover each corner with curiosity, relive instinctive habits.

Go back.
Everything remains as it was,
but the perspective changes.

A unique and harmonious duo; Arion roller shades for large surfaces and timeless traditional curtains. Two systems unified by contemporary architecture and home automation.

The air is renewed
and nourishes the space with purity.

The intimate and immediate connection
with the light that the shades project.

Aluminum venetian blind slats play brilliantly with luminosity: regulating the intensity, orienting and creating warmer interiors.

The same feeling of well-being with each return. Welcome to the place where you belong.